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Solar Eclipse Road Trip 2017

Solar Eclipse Road Trip 2017

There’s something to be said about totality. The sun disappears during a total solar eclipse and the only visible evidence that it still exists is a faint halo behind the moon. You know it’s coming; yet when totality happens, you are completely unprepared for how impactful it really is.

This year’s solar eclipse promises to be a landmark event that people will no doubt remember as being more than just a footnote in the story of their life; it will be a whole chapter.

Starting in Oregon, the path of totality will cut across the United States in places including Idaho, Nebraska, Missouri and Illinois—last visible in South Carolina.

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Lincoln City, Oregon

Greet the eclipse on our seven miles of sandy beach. Totality sweeping in as an ocean of stars appears above the Pacific. Smile at first landfall, here in Lincoln City.

Corvallis, Oregon

Please join us for a viewing of the total Eclipse of the Sun! On Monday August 21st, 2017 Corvallis, OR will be one of the places in the path of totality!

Clay County, Missouri

Getaway with Clay for solar eclipse weekend 2017. Enjoy unique experiences from eclipse trail rides & boat cruises at Smithville Lake, to unique small town getaways. Plus find great places to stay and easy highway access to events across the region. Come stay with Clay for the eclipse.

Independence, Missouri

Make Independence your headquarters for the 2017 solar eclipse weekend. Find your Independence with great places to stay and easy highway access to events across the region. Plus, discover unforgettable American history as you retrace the footsteps of President Harry S. Truman, pioneers, trailblazers & more.

Jefferson City, Missouri

Enjoy 2 minutes and 29 seconds of totality on the banks of the Missouri River at the Capital Eclipse Celebration in Jefferson City with education sessions and live entertainment!

St. Louis, Missouri

Visitors to St. Louis can plan a weekend of fun at affordable area hotels and attractions as the countdown to the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse approaches.

Bowling Green, Kentucky

See two American "greats," Corvettes and the Total Eclipse! Wide open spaces within 15 minutes of town with direct access to the Western KY Parkway and I-65 should the skies be overcast.

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