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Let's Eat!

The food scene in Northern Fox River Valley in Illinois is hot, hot, hot

There's food for thought, food for the heart, food for the soul and then there's just good old food for the growling stomach. If you're experiencing hunger pangs in or around Chicagoland's Northern Fox River Valley, then welcome to the land of plenty! The array of options are vast-from local breweries and exciting nightlife, to romantic eateries and family favorites with kids' menus that will find a permanent place in your scrapbook. The locations to chew on...ahem, choose from...are abundant.

Brewing up some fun!

Two Brothers Brewing Company

There are at least 365 reasons to go out and raise a glass in Fox River Valley. Join the locals for a craft beer at Elgin's Walnut Speak Easy, where a new favorite is sure to be on tap. Try their seasonal drafts by the state's own Two Brothers. Or enjoy a Double Barrel Oatmeal Stout at Emmett's Brewing Company in West Dundee's historic downtown, and pair it with their Sunrise Burger (featuring bacon jam!). If you want to get serious about pub grub, Sheep and Fiddle Irish Pub in Bartlett provides a perfectly cheesy burger that goes well with a brew. Elgin Public House Restaurant & Pub offers a mix of new and retro cocktails. Their Cucumber Gimlet or the Classic Green Apple martini might be just the ticket. And because you're on vacation and you can, stay up late in Fox River Valley where celebrating the day is reason enough to clank your pint.

Table for two

Delicious love stories happen here every day. Whether your night on the town is planned in advance or spur of the moment, restaurants welcome locals and newcomers alike to Fox River Valley with open arms. With exclusive dinner clubs, a riverboat casino, outdoor cafes and many late-night options, come dine in Northern Fox River Valley where your own love story can develop.

Find the perfect way to tell someone you "heart" them at Dessertful's Bakery in West Dundee, perhaps with the luscious Cinnamon Apple Crumb Cake, or a box of Angel Cream bismarks from Milano Bakery in Elgin. Dance with your beloved and be serenaded in Elgin's Villa Verone in between bites of Pollo Parmigiana. Toom Toom Thai's steamy Fly Me to the Moon appetizer quickens hearts in Elgin and the spicy Basil Chicken seals the deal. If you're still craving heat, try the Fajitas de Camaron at one of the three El Faros Restaurants in the valley.

All together now

Road trips-no matter how far from home-always lead to the land of tummy grumbles, but trail mix and grapes can only go so far. Sooner or later, you'll need to veer off to a place that can feed the whole gang...and quick! You can find many family friendly restaurants throughout the Fox River Valley.

Elgin's Burnt Toast will have the kids grinning over chocolate chip Mickey Mouse Pancakes while young-at-heart Mom will indulge in her dreamy version-Ghirardelli Chocolate Chip Pancakes. Locals have their go-to diners for favorite French fries and the creamiest of milkshakes, such as Wee-Dee's Restaurant in South Elgin. If the family votes for pizza, Danny's Pizza dishes out many options for Italian food-stuffed pizzas, calzones, salads and sandwiches among them. Their spaghetti with homemade meatballs is a winner for the kids. Since 2Toots Train Whistle Grill in Bartlett delivers dishes by mini train cars at a child's eye level, consider choo-choosing the Dino Chicken Nuggets.

Browse area restaurants to find the perfect places to eat and drink while you are here.

This article originally appeared on NorthernFoxRiverValley.com.

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